1710, 2017

TI-Turkey Chair is now a board member of Transparency International!

October 17th, 2017|

TI-Turkey Chair is now a board member of Transparency International!

Oya Özarslan have been elected to the Transparency International board, a leading anti-corruption organization, at the Annual Membership Meeting, which was held on the 14-15th of October 2017 in Berlin. She is the first person from Turkey to be elected to the international board of the organization in its 25 years history.

The elections took place as representatives of more than 100 chapters, the movement’s Advisory Council and individual members came together for the Annual Membership Meeting to discuss their work around the world  and solutions to the crucial problem. 16 candidates ran […]

1710, 2017

New Board Members of Transparency International are elected

October 17th, 2017|

Delia Matilde Ferreira Rubio was elected chair of Transparency International, the global anti-corruption movement, at its Annual Membership Meeting in Berlin.

Rueben Lifuka was elected as vice-chair, along with seven new board members. All will serve a three-year term.

“Globalisation and technology have changed the nature of corruption. It is the role of Transparency International to face up to this changed world. Our work will be guided by our strong principles of transparency, integrity and accountability. We shall walk the talk and in this I will lead,” said Ferreira Rubio.

Ferreira Rubio is from Argentina and was the former president of Transparency International’s […]

1710, 2017

Applications are open for 2017 Transparency Awards Turkey!

October 17th, 2017|

Our Transparency Award recognises the courage and determination of the many individuals and organisations fighting corruption around Turkey.


TI Turkey will be giving the Transparency Awards to recognise a particular action or initiative undertaken by one or several individuals or organisations which constitutes a tangible contribution to the fight against corruption and the goals of the TI movement. Winners are a source of inspiration to the anti-corruption movement, the Awards will recognise a particular action or initiative and are not made solely or mainly for reasons of demonstrated good character.

The TI Awards may be conferred to a person (or an organisation) discharging […]

1605, 2017

New publication: Corruption Prone Areas In Turkey

May 16th, 2017|

Corruption Prone Areas In Turkey

A true understanding of corruption risk exposure for public institutions is the key and necessary first step in building effective anti-corruption policies. Diagnosing for corruption risks allows institutions to properly design mitigation strategies and strategically allocate resources to combat potential instances of corruption. Recognizing the importance of spotting weaknesses in anti-corruption efforts provides advantages for policy making in corruption prevention. With such an approach, public ofcials and policy makers can improve the quality of public service and minimize the associated costs in the budget. 

This study attempts to provide an overview of Turkey’s anti-corruption efforts, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement […]

1303, 2017

INVITATION: Business Integrity Country Agenda-Turkey Closing Conference

March 13th, 2017|

We cordially invite you to join our conference “Business Integrity Country Agenda-Turkey”, 14 March 2017 at Hilton Bosphorus Hotel.
You may see conference program here and below. Please register to info@seffaflik.org


2706, 2016

2016 Anti-Corruption Action Plan Evaluation

June 27th, 2016|

Looking back, the implementation of the 2010 Action Plan has largely been kept out of the public eye and lacked the transparency and integrity it had been designed to counter. Furthermore, the absence of a strategy for the two-year period following the conclusion of the 2010 Action Plan in 2014, and the lack of communication on the end results of the action before drafting a new one raises questions about the willingness and intent of the government. The time of the release of the new Action Plan increases these doubts, as it was unveiled during the EU-Turkey visa deal process […]

704, 2016

Turkey’s National Integrity System Assessment has been released

April 7th, 2016|

Transparency International – Turkey chapter has released the National Integrity System Assessment today.

Download link: NIS Assessment Turkey

ISTANBUL – 7 April 2016 — Turkey may have the right laws, the right agencies, and the resources to fight corruption but in practice it is falling short because it is not implementing them, according to a new report from Transparency International Turkey.

The executive branch of government has too much influence over other branches, particularly the judiciary, and the crackdown of the free press has made it harder for those in power to be held to account.

“What we find in Turkey is a tightening of […]

3103, 2016

“Political Financing and Transparency” Report Has Been Published!

March 31st, 2016|

“Political Financing and Transparency” Report, which is the research output  of the project “Strengthening Cooperation and Advocacy for Transparency and Accountability Political Life”, financed within the scope of the European Union Civil Society Dialogue III – Political Criteria Grant Scheme and carried out by Transparency International Turkey between the dates October 2014 and January 2016, has been published.
The Report, while approaching financing of political parties and election campaigns, audit processes and media relations in Turkey and in several democratic countries in a comparative way, analyzes March 2014 local election, August 2014 presidential election, June 7, 2015 and November 1, 2015 parliamentary elections took […]

903, 2016

Public Opinion Survey Results Announced!

March 9th, 2016|

Transparency International Turkey announced the results of public opinion survey titled “Corruption in Turkey: Why? How and Where?” by a press conference in March 9th, 2016, at Taksim Elite World Hotel.
Turkey chapter of Transparency International (TI Turkey), one of the world’s leading organization in fighting with corruption, announced the results of public opinion survey “Corruption in Turkey: Why? How and Where?” which has been conducted with participation of overall 2,000 people in all regions of Turkey.

When asked about the level of corruption over the last two years, 67% of the population responded that corruption has not decreased, and 55% believe […]

803, 2016

Press Release on Freedom of Expression

March 8th, 2016|

Freedom of the Press is Our Red Line!
The recent takeovers of media institutions aggravate Turkey’s chronic problem regarding the freedom of the press.
Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are being weakened by decisions clearly violating the laws that guarantee the free operation of the media including but not limited to Article 30 of the Constitution.
The Press is the Fourth Estate; it has a fundamental role in overseeing and supervising the activities of the Executive and acts as the guardian of public interest by protecting people’s right to access the information. As a central safeguard to a healthy democracy, […]

2701, 2016


January 27th, 2016|

Transparency International, one of the leading global civil society organizations in the fight against corruption, has publicly announced the results of its 2015 Corruption Perception Index, which is being published yearly since 1995.


Turkey’s decline continues!

In the study, including 168 countries from around the globe Turkey’s score is down 3 points, ranking below the 2014 score.

Turkey’s score declined by 3 points to 42, from the previous year’s 45. Having reset the improvement of the previous 6 years with the drop in 2014, the reported decrease in 2015 means Turkey has sustained its negative […]

1412, 2015

The Most Transparents Awarded On the Day of International Anti-Corruption

December 14th, 2015|

The Transparency Awards Ceremony, aims to support the works of individuals and institutionsabout the fight against corruption, and encourage the attempts and the acts to extend transparency, integrity and accountability, was held on the 9th of December 2015.

Chair of Transparency International Turkey E.Oya Özarslan said:

“United Nations Convention against Corruption came into operation on December 2005, and ratified by 178 counties including Turkey. On 9th of December every year, organizations about the fight against corruption is held in various locations in the world. Even though, transparency and integrity are discounted terms in Turkey, we’ve decided to award the works and efforts […]

912, 2015

Conference on Political Financing and Transparency in Turkey

December 9th, 2015|


As Transparency International Turkey (Uluslararası Şeffaflık Derneği), we are delightful to invite you to the ”, in where the results of “Transparency in Political Life” Project, co-funded by the EU and Republic of Turkey, under Civil Society Dialogue III Political Criteria Grant Scheme, and the project report named “Political Financing and Transparency” will be presented. For more information and participation you can reach us under d.oguz@seffaflik.org or 0212 2405281

2511, 2015

G20 Leaders’ “Intolerance towards Corruption” – But Now is the Time for Action!

November 25th, 2015|

We welcome that G20 leaders remain committed to “building a global culture of intolerance towards corruption” as noted in the just released Antalya G20 Leaders’ Communique.  Effective implementation of the 2015-2016 G20 Anti-Corruption Action Plan is critical to tackling corruption globally.

Oya Özarslan, Chair of Transparency International-Turkey, says that “We are happy to see some commitment from G20 leaders on tackling corruption, now we need to see the action! If there is no implementation, there will be no impact on people’s lives.”

This year G20 Leaders announced the adoption of new high level principles, G20 High-Level Principles onIntegrity and Transparency in the Private sector, G20 […]

2511, 2015

Transparency Awards Turkey

November 25th, 2015|

TI Turkey will be giving the Transpraency Awards to recognise a particular action or initiative undertaken by one or several individuals or organisations which constitutes a tangible contribution to the fight against corruption and the goals of the TI movement. While recipients of the Awards would be expected to be of exemplary character, the Awards will recognise a particular action or initiative and are not made solely or mainly for reasons of demonstrated good character.

The TI Awards may be conferred to a person (or an organisation) discharging official or professional duties as well as to an activist(s) from all walks of […]