Vision: A whole society free of corruption
Mission: Establishing the transparency, integrity and accountability in all sections of the society
  • Works cooperatively with all individuals and groups, with government and private entities, with for profit and not for profit corporations and organizations;
  • Undertakes to be open, honest and accountable in its relationships with everyone and demands all entities using public power to act in same principles;
  • Provides accurate and timely reports of activities to all stakeholders during its activities;
  • Believes in democracy, the fact that open and transparent society is the pillar of the democracy;
  • Is politically non partisan and in same distance to all domestic and foreign political parties, associations and organizations;
  • Is non-sectarian yet cooperative and targets the execution of the work;
  • Does not seek to expose individual cases of corruption, yet vigorously and courageously fights with basic and systemic reasons of the corruption;
  • The positions taken will be based on sound, objective and professional analysis and high standards of research;
  • Believes that fight against corruption can be achieved increase of the transparency, setting up transparency standards, building necessary institutions and mechanisms and creating civil initiatives in the society;
  • Respects to fundamental human rights and freedoms, aims for the participatory innovative and democratic processes;
  • Only accepts funding that does not compromise the ability to address issues freely, thoroughly and objectively; and
  • Strive for balanced and diverse representation on its governing bodies.
Conflict of Interest Policy
This policy is applicable, except as otherwise stated, to every person associated with TI-Turkey (“Organization”) as an administrative staff, members of Board of Directors, Audit Board or any similar governance body of the Organization (“Persons”). The “interests of any person associated with Seffaflik Dernegi” includes the interests of any person with whom they have a close personal relationship, including their spouse, life partner, children, parents, siblings or other close family members.
2.General Policy
  • Persons associated with TI-Turkey as mentioned above paragraph 1 are highly sensitive to potential conflicts of interest and obliged to avoid or prevent from any potential real or perceived conflict of interest and openly acknowledge any potential or actual conflict of interest, which arises through his/her association with TI.
  • Conflicts of interest may arise from time to time in the course of such Persons′ activities and decisions with regard to pecuniary or financial interests, or interests that impede them in their duty to act in the best interests of the Organization, TI-S, other TI National Chapters, or other stakeholders (“TI Movement”).
  • Such Persons shall declare their financial and non-financial interests which could potentially lead to or could conceivably be perceived as a conflict of interest. Such declaration shall be submitted to the Board of Directors of the Organization who shall hold it, independently assess and take necessary measures. If the matter is related to a Board member, such Board member will not participate to relevant discussions.
  • In case conflict arises between personal interests and the interests of the Organization or TI Movement, such conflict will be disclosed and resolved in a transparent manner, in the interest of the Organization and the TI Movement.
  • The companies or organizations with which the members of the Organization′s elected organs are affiliated are qualified and encouraged to co-operate with the TI-Turkey or participate and support the Organizations′ projects and activities, however, they cannot benefit from the brand-name and reputation of the Organization and TI Movement.
  • Persons of the Organizations will not use the Organization′s business relationships to solicit or obtain favours or improper benefits in private life.
  • Persons of the Organizations will not allow their political affiliations and/or activities to unduly influence or interfere with the political neutrality that is the hallmark of the Organization and TI movement.
3.Non-preferential Treatment of Family and Friends / Staff Recruitment
In line with fair, objective, and impartial recruitment, hiring, and procurement procedures:
  • Family members, and friends and organisations with which the Persons of the Organization are associated, will not be accorded preferential treatment.
  • Appointments to all positions will be made on merit and only after due consideration of all applications received following internal and external announcements, when necessary.
  • Where the Persons of the Organization received any remuneration for public speaking, writing for a publication, a media appearance or a project work, major information of the Organization or TI Movement is involved or the appearance is a result of the individual′s association with TI-Turkey, then the remuneration will be paid directly to the TI-Turkey. However, the Board of Directors may decide to forward such honorarium, partly or entirely, to the respective staff members.
  • Persons of the Organization, or companies or other organisations with which such Members are currently affiliated, may not perform remunerated work for the TI-Turkey.
  • Persons of the Organization, or companies or other organizations with which such members are currently affiliated, may apply and compete for remunerated work contracts with any organization of the TI Movement; provided however that they are not offered any advantages over any competitors with respect to being awarded or carrying out such work. They must not utilize privileged information and do everything to contradict the perception of having utilized privileged information; in addition, they will not exercise their position to the extent it relates to the conditions of the contract or the selection or supervision of such contract. In other words, they do not need to be disqualified in such cases because of their affiliation with TI, but neither may they be given the “inside track”. When doing non-TI related work, board members or their companies shall not utilize privileged TI information, and shall also be sensitive to the perception that they might be utilizing such information.
  • The Organization will be transparent in its decision-making processes when commissioning paid work, and will follow transparent tender procedures.
5.Gifts and Entertainment
Persons of the Organization shall not accept any gift, entertainment, loan or anything else of value from any organisation or individual if it could be reasonably construed or perceived that the gift is motivated by a wish to influence the Organization.
6.Travel and Property
  • Official travel undertaken by the Persons will be directly related to the work of the Organization, and will be undertaken only when necessary. Only economical and bona fide travel expenses will be reimbursed unless otherwise decided by the Board.
  • Resources of the Organization will be used effectively. Assets under the control of the Organization will be used for no purpose other than for the advancement of Organization′s objectives.
7.Confidentiality and Transparency
  • Information obtained in the TI-Turkey will be treated with confidentiality, when its nature calls for it or when this is explicitly requested, and the Persons of the Organizaton will not use any such information or materials to further a private interest. This obligation continues after the separation from the Organization.
  • TI-Turkey will be as open and transparent as possible about all decisions and actions, taking into account the above-mentioned needs for confidentiality.
8.Financial Transparency
TI-Turkey will provide and publish audited financial statements in easily accessible form. Financial reports will be provided and published as appropriate.
9.Financial Independence
TI-Turkey will act in line with the Board policy of not accepting funds that might impair the independence of the organisation to pursue its mission. To this end, the TI-Turkey will accept resources only from donors who share our anti-corruption objectives. seek a balanced distribution between resources obtained from public sector, private sector, foundations and charities, and membership contribution; seek a multitude of donors in any aforementioned category; not accept resources granted under condition or structured such that the TI-Turkey refrains from independent action, pursues activities inconsistent with its mission, or refrains from pursuing activities consistent with its mission.
The members of Board of Directors are responsible to apply terms and conditions stated in this Conflict of Interest Statement and they will be liable in misuse of these clauses.
This policy sets minimum standards and is in line with this policy of TI-Secretariat.
Approved by the Board of Directors April 27, 2009, with the mandate of the Annual Membership Meeting, December 19, 2008