Vision: A whole society free of corruption
Mission: Establishing the transparency, integrity and accountability in all sections of the society
  • Works cooperatively with all individuals and groups, with government and private entities, with for profit and not for profit corporations and organizations;
  • Undertakes to be open, honest and accountable in its relationships with everyone and demands all entities using public power to act in same principles;
  • Provides accurate and timely reports of activities to all stakeholders during its activities;
  • Believes in democracy, the fact that open and transparent society is the pillar of the democracy; 11084327_725678717552381_983860133_n-1
  • Is politically non partisan and in same distance to all domestic and foreign political parties, associations and organizations;
  • Is non-sectarian yet cooperative and targets the execution of the work;
  • Does not seek to expose individual cases of corruption, yet vigorously and courageously fights with basic and systemic reasons of the corruption;
  • The positions taken will be based on sound, objective and professional analysis and high standards of research;
  • Believes that fight against corruption can be achieved increase of the transparency, setting up transparency standards, building necessary institutions and mechanisms and creating civil initiatives in the society;
  • Respects to fundamental human rights and freedoms, aims for the participatory innovative and democratic processes;
  • Only accepts funding that does not compromise the ability to address issues freely, thoroughly and objectively; and
  • Strive for balanced and diverse representation on its governing bodies.