TI-Turkey Integrity Pact

Integrity Pact Campaign: Now, Time for Transparency 



According to the logframe of Transparency in Politics Project, Integrity Pact Campaign had been designed for the new Parliament and MPs after the 7 June 2015 General Elections. However, since a government could not be established after that elections and the Parliament worked only for 36 hours, it was impossible to begin a lobbying and advocacy activity after 7 June elections until the 1 November 2015 general elections. The tense political atmosphere, killings of hundreds of civilians and having another election period have affected negatively the planned activity schedule of the project, and also motivations of the project staff. However, as TI-Turkey we continued to work by analysing several integrity pact examples from different countries and sectors. Then, we prepared a document for new MPs of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, which is called as “Dürüstlük Taahhütnamesi” in Turkish. 


Importantly, an online Twitter tool was designed in order to get public attention to the campaign and invite both CSOs and citizens to send Twitter messages to new MPs to urge them to sign the Integrity Pact and disclose their assets, which is one of the clauses of the Integrity Pact. At the moment, via acikvekil.seffaflik.org web-page anyone can see who have signed the integrity pact and disclosed his/her assets, thank to them with a Twitter message, and also, call any MP to sign the Pact and disclose his/her assets again with a Twitter message, including #DürüstlükTaahhütnamesi. Tha campaign has began on 11 November 2015 and until now 6 MPs have signed the pact and 20 MPs disclosed their assets. We have to admit that in Turkey individual politicians are almost totally bound to their parties’ decisions. Therefore, even though some of them support the intention of the campaign, they hesitate to sign the pact and disclose their assets and for their act they assert that they need the decision of their political party.