Business Integrity Country Agenda – Turkey (BICA Turkey)

Business Integrity Country Agenda – Turkey (BICA Turkey) is the frst comprehensive analysis that examines in detail the contribution of all stakeholders to transparency adopting a broad perspective on transparency, integrity and accountability in the business world. While analyzes carried out to date examine the reasons leading to corruption in public and private sectors separately, BICA Turkey identifes the contributions and shortcomings of the business sector, public institutions and civil society that which have major responsibilities in the fight against corruption.

This analysis assesses the three main stakeholders that are public, private and civil society actors, in mutual interaction and examines not only the legal framework in which companies operate but also the contributions of companies to well – known global ethical standards and their initiatives to promote these values among stakeholders.

Multi-stakeholder Approach for Transparency in Corporate Reporting

In addition to the international legal framework developed to tackle corruption, today, increasingly more local anti-corruption laws with extraterritorial application are being adopted. Introduction of local laws with extraterritorial application around the world prompts companies to effectively include anti-corruption measures in their corporate processes. Without denial, adoption of anti-corruption compliance programmes that are risk-tailored, risk-based, and designed to detect and prevent violations are integral parts for compliance with these new requirements. Initial findings of our study (Transparency in Corporate Reporting in Turkey– targeting companies listed in İstanbul stock exchange (BİST) 100 index) have led us to believe that though publicly listed, many companies are still not equipped to effectively combat corruption in general as well as not aware of the associated liabilities under the local laws with extraterritorial reach such as FCPA and UK Bribery Act.

Recognizing the importance of fighting corruption for not only the business community but also for setting up of necessary mechanisms at all levels, TI-Turkey aims at promoting knowledge and understanding on anti-corruption compliance programmes in private sector in Turkey as well as to help Turkish companies better understand their liabilities and protect themselves against related violations. Enhanced knowledge and awareness among the business community will eventually help companies adapt their compliance mechanisms to international standards, and paving the way to good and clean business environment.