National Integrity System Assessment (NIS)

The Overall Objective of the NIS Project is to improve good governance in the EU enlargement countries by decreasing corruption.
More concretely, the actions are designed to fulfill the following Specific Objectives:

1)      To improve understanding of performance of existing anti-corruption mechanisms, as well as anti-corruption progress in enlargement countries;

2)      To mitigate primary corruption risks in the seven EU enlargement jurisdictions: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey

NIS assessment uses an innovative approach, combining comprehensive research and active stakeholder engagement to, in a first step assess the performance of the anti-corruption systems in Turkey. This leads, in a second step, to the development and implementation of targeted advocacy initiatives on the identified gaps in the anti-corruption system at national and at regional levels. Thirdly, NIS as


This project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey


sessment will allow to compare which anti-corruption institutions perform stronger in the selected states and facilitate knowledge transfer and application of the good practices identified in the region.
Guided by a multi-stakeholder advisory group, a research team uses desk review, key informant interviews and access to information tests to assess the effectiveness of the primary institutions which make up the NIS.

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Transparency in Political Financing

Transparency in Political Financing project funded by the Civil Society Dialogue Between EU And Turkey –III Political Criteria Grant Scheme, aims to improve the transparency and accountability in Turkish politics.

This project has started on October 2014, based on transparency of finance and acknowleding main issues in this sector and solving these problems.

This project is supported by European Union and Turkish Republic.





Turkey Map of Environmental Violations


Environment is one of the most tranparency required field in Turkey. On this basis, we’ve developped a project for mapping the environmental violations and to do advocacy for the transparency in the environmental field. This project started 15th of September 2014, lasted for 9 months period in cooperation with the Environmental Law Association, and funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey.